September 29, 2009

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"The Concerto — An Adversarial Friendship," Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra's second concert of its 2009-10 "Season of the Stars," is less than two weeks away! Period violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch (pictured left) will be leading our orchestra in a program of Baroque pieces both familiar and "new." San Francisco Classical Voice previewed the concert in today's enewsletter:
"Amid the glamour and glitz of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra’s’s 2009-2010 season, the ensemble’s October concert set “The Concerto: An Adversarial Friendship” may draw more headlines for its guest leader (the dynamic violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch) than its repertory, comprising mostly less-familiar German figures (Muffat, Biber, Schmelzer). But dig deeper into the program, performed Oct. 9-17 in various Bay Area locales, and you’ll find some flashy selections and intriguing backstories to this highly engaging repertory." Read more of Joseph Sargent's preview.
To learn more about this concert, click the links below:

You can also listen to movements of works by Muffat and Schmelzer on October's concert page. Hint: when you click on "Learn more about these recordings," you can read about these works!

An don't forget: 45-minutes before every concert we offer free lectures to our ticket holders.

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  1. The program was filled with unusual pieces, and on the whole was a little light. The PBO, as usual, was well prepared and played elegantly. I wish that Elizabth Wallfisch had done the same. She seemed very unprepared, lost her place, and played the Bach Violin Concerto as if she were sight-reading. Her tone was harsh and her pitch wandered. The PBO audiences deserve better, as does the orchestra that had to endure that. I attended the concert in Palo Alto.